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Disaster Sanitation

Disasters can take many different shapes, both natural and unnatural.  Natural disasters, such as a flood, can affect your food and water supply, indoor air quality (mold), and lead to disease transmission.

To help protect your health in a disaster, we are providing links on this page to documents about protecting your food and water, well and septic system, cleanup after a disaster, and other disaster related environmental health topics.

The Wyoming County Health Department hopes that you don’t ever need this information, but the best way to make it through a disaster is to be prepared for it.

Environmental Health inspects emergency shelters when they are needed for a disaster.

The Wyoming County Health Department also has a Threat Preparedness Page with additional information about how the Health Department suggests preparing for, and responding to, different types of emergency events.

Please contact 911 if you are in need of immediate medical attention, experiencing a fire or are in a life threatening situation during a natural disaster.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding natural disaster please reach out to the Wyoming County Health Department at 304-732-7941

Personal Food and Water Protection Links:

Disaster Clean-up:

Retail Food Protection:

Protecting Yourself and Your Environment:

Disaster Preparedness:

Emergency Shelters should follow: